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Description Key Set in referenced template

Description Key Set in referenced template

hello together


Unfortunately, in the version 2020 Description Key Set are not included in the referenced template.

please adjust this, otherwise everything will be referenced correctly...


@TimYarris Yesterday I built a DWT reference structure with a customer and we were able to reference all styles and layers etc. But for the Description Key Set we had to copy them manually into the DWT again...

It would be a very big advantage if referencing Description Key Set could be possible in the future. This would make the whole DWT references more comprehensible.

If you are going to spread the refernces anyway, I would also have two missing objects: 


Could your team check this idea?



Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks to @dischc  for your idea (and thanks to @f_furger for highlighting it). We'll keep this under consideration for the next update to reference templates.

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