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Default Elevation for Add Point

Default Elevation for Add Point

When using the Edit Surface too Add Point. I think it should default to the elevation of the selected location rather than the existing Surface elevation. If I'm adding a point I probably don't want it at the existing elevation. Otherwise why would an additional point be needed.


Use surface should remain an option, I've often had to add a point just to correct a TIN problem. But i agree, the default should be the location of the pick point.


In my opinion, C3D should have a general parameter to stablish the elevation (a particular elevation, or from a a selected surface) for all commands which need a elevation, basically when we add COGO points or surface points.

For example, Istram has the concept: Current surface, to get elevations from that surface if we use any command which need elevations.


Allen, while I agree in concept, I usually like to see what the surface elevation is that I'm changing.  I think it would be good to go with your idea and have the command default to the picked elevation, but somewhere in the command line to also list out that existing surface information so you have the context of what you are editing.


I would like to see this, especially with various command line options as is common with many ACAD commands. 
[O]bject, [S]urface,  [U]ser, [0] Zero,  [D]efault.

Object = snap,
Surface = currently active/selected
User = custom set during session
0 = Zero, because when left blank it often selects something random like -10e99
Default = Could be one or more, DWG, Site, Surface

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