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Data Shortcuts - Expose to API

Data Shortcuts - Expose to API

It would be extremely helpful to be able to access the Data Shortcuts functionality in the API.


Currently there is no way to set he working folder, create or set the shortcuts folder, create or edit or delete data shortcuts nor add or or promote them into a drawing.


There is the workaround for setting the working folder and shortcuts folder, but this is outside civil 3d. 


Totally agree with @andrewpuller3811 I'm also getting very frustrated not having this ability.


Whilst AutoDesk promote the use of having DREFS saved in the model I'd like the ability to batch adjust DREF Status.  Working on large infrastructure projects results on working with large dataset.  Yes models should be broken down further but this is hard to remediate legacy projects which were set up poorly.


Just a simple adjustment to the Data ShortCut Editor in the short term perhaps?  If considering please make available in all verticals.

Status changed to: Accepted

Currently we are investing in the Civil 3D API. DREF exposure is one of the areas we are researching actively.

Status changed to: Implemented

The Data Short Cut API has been released.

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