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Contour Labels in Style

Contour Labels in Style

It would be nice to have contour labels incorporated into a Surface style to supplement the contour labeling. Maybe just another addition to the Analysis section of a surface style, with display control.



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I agree 100%. Contour Elevation Labels is something that is inherent in contouring. The fact that it is not included in the style and requires this convoluted process of labeling using the current method is actually really surprising considering the cost of Civil 3D. 


It would be nice to include the labeling in the style of the surface while preserving the ability to edit the text style, precision, and other similar items. Also, having the ability to move individual labels as needed while the label is part of the style is important as well, sorta like a style override for the placement location.


With the current setup, when I am working with large area LiDAR datasets, I can build a surface in under 10 minutes, edit it in under an hour, but when it comes to labeling the contour elevations, it takes me days with the current setup. This is mainly because the labeling multiple contours at intervals make a huge mess of the labels, with overlapping labels, labels not at the correct interval, etc. Seriously, sometimes I will find that method will put 10 labels within a 5-foot area on the same contour every 250-feet when I set the interval to 250 feet, now that does not make any sense. In addition, with the current setup, I have to scour the surface contours to make sure I did not miss little undulations in the surface that created a small contour loop, and with areas as large as 30 square miles (like the project I am currently working on that brought me here to post this) that takes a tremendous amount of time. But, if we had the labels included in the surface style instead, I would've finished with my surface in under 2 hours altogether, instead, I am on day 2, still messing with labeling contours with the current method. 


And since you already have the separate labeling method available, it would be a smart idea for flexibility sake, to keep both methods for flexibility. 

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