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Civil 3D - Task Scheduler

Civil 3D - Task Scheduler

Good day!

Dear Autodesk! Dear development and manager Autodesk!

On behalf of many experts, users, please consider developing for AutoCAD and Civil 3D - Task Scheduler.
Which will allow you to perform automated tasks, perform Dynamo for Civil 3D scripts, batch file processing, batch PDF publishing, batch file import/export, customize time and frequency of task execution.

You can see this same feature in Inventor - Task Scheduler
I'm sure this will be a very strong development of AutoCAD, Civil 3D software.

I know that there may be some difficulties or nuances, when creating batch processing of files. I am sure that it is definitely possible to solve this. It may be possible to implement this functionality with some nuances.





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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. We are considering updating the exiting Batch Save Utility to incorporate some of what you have identified. I don't have anything further to share yet, but I will keep you updated.

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