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Civil 3D Objects + CLAYER?

Civil 3D Objects + CLAYER?

I think being able to specify Object Layers in Drawing Settings is great.


I still really wish Civil 3D was smart enough to understand that I don't actually want 'unassigned' Objects to always be on 0 (zero) layer... The basic AutoCAD concept of CLAYER seems to have been ignored, and really needs to be implemented.  



As example:


Using the Add Labels dialog, maybe I want my XREF Storm Pipe Network to be labeled on a 'Storm Layer', and my Sanitary Pipe Network to be labeled on a 'Sanitary Layer'; having to manually change layers is a PITA, and dumping all Labels onto a single 'ANNO' layer is not a solution.


For this specific example, being able to assign Label layers in the Pipe Network Settings is neat and all, but not observed when labeling XREF parts... And I also want to be able to label any Civil 3D Object using CLAYER, unless specified otherwise in Object Layer Settings, of course. Haha




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