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Bridge Modeler

Bridge Modeler

The Bridge Modeler seems to be missing quite a lot of parameters for even just a preliminary design aspect. There is a great lack of Definition of what is what From Layout to the Abutment. I believe that you have incorrect naming of your parameters, which is leading to problems with the design tool. Missing elements Like approach slab, Barrier types, Wing walls and definitions. So much is incorrect, and for something that should be done on the fly takes longer to learn quirks and work arounds to the product. 


There is definitely a lack of understanding as to how Bridges are designed. You guys need a solid peer group to help with this. For instance, How does the "Barrier end offset from Abutment CL" Correlate? Answer: It doesn't. Why is there no Parameter for Length of a Wing Wall? What does your Station numbers in the Layout Correlate to? BB & EB? or Abutment CL's at BB & EB? Why can't I input Footing dimensions myself? Where is a diaphragm Abutment option? Outrigger Bents? Abutments aren't Bents, so why is it labeled that way? Where's my option for Columns instead of Pier Walls? Where's my choice of Footings or Caison? What about integrated girders? The List goes on...


Another Helpful tool, would to be able to have along next to the Bridge definition Tool Box, have a Object viewer next to it so that you can see the immediate result of those parameter changes.


More Subassemblies! Multiple Girder bays! Varying Depth of Superstructure design capabilities! Fence or Railing on top of Barriers! Soundwalls on Barriers! Better definition of Barriers, sidewalks, did I say more sub assemblies! Infastructure is huge and this area has seen so little help... or slow progress.




Since I can't seem to edit my OP, I'll add to this with Samples.


What numeric values could I have possibly given in the Bridge Tool Box, for the Barriers to do this on my Bridge?


Barrier Madness.jpg


Looking from another view, notice how the Superstructure won't develop, the Barriers are ridiculas, the Roadway sticks beyond what I had input, or the Seat has shifted back for some reason... the errors below of "Loft Surface Self-intersects"... wonderful, so what is a loft surface and why is it doing that, when this should all be straight forward and basic? 

Barrier Madness-2.jpg


Other examples:

Barrier Madness-3.jpg


Barrier Madness-4.jpg


Barrier Madness-5.jpg


Again, Bridge basics that are left off, not well defined or just straight up wrong. It's no wonder that there's really no Help guides, training tutorials for this extension (that doesn't avoid this stuff), when so much needs help in development. How can you tout Infraworks, when you guys haven't even flushed out everything correctly with Civil 3D yet? How could I possibly place value in your product to my upper management, when there are glaring issues such as this, to press forward in investing into any other forms of your product? Quite frankly, at this point... I can't. And these things I'm suggesting are probably pretty easy for you to solve if you just focused on doing it right for a little while instead of treating it as an after thought... so much for the Billions that go towards improving Infrastructure design.


 how to download bridge modeler tell me please

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