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Analyze Multiple Storms at once in SSA

Analyze Multiple Storms at once in SSA

I currently usually use Hydraflow for hydrology analysis but I understand they are trying to push users to use SSA instead. One of the biggest disadvantages I see for this is how tedious analysis is when a change is made, especially if you need to analyze multiple storms. Most jurisdictions I work with require analysis for 7 storms (1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100-year). In Hydraflow I can change my orifice size, for example, click auto, and immediately see the results for all 7 storms, clicking between them easily. In SSA, I need to select the storm, run the analysis (which takes significantly longer in SSA), and select the pond outlet to view the flows. Then I need to repeat for each of the other 6 storms. If I want to go back to another storm, I have to load a different SOL file. This is extremely time consuming and would probably take at least 10 minutes, whereas in Hydraflow it was simply one click. If we could have all the storms and all the subbasins and nodes on one screen as we can in Hydraflow, it would make it MUCH faster to do a stormwater design and analysis.


FYI, Hydrology Studio is an updated version of Hydraflow. They have great support, a very intuitive interface, and I have had no problems with the software. It's incredibly easier to use than SSA.

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