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Add surface definition information to Project Explorer

Add surface definition information to Project Explorer

We have been playing with the Project Explorer in Civil 3D 2022. Some great features in there, but I think there is an opportunity to provide access to some much-needed surface information.


One of my frustrations working with surfaces is that once several groups of breaklines or contours are added to a surface definition, there is no straightforward way to determine which features are included in a set. For a simple example, maybe I add 4 breaklines to define the bottom of a channel, a second set of breaklines to define the right side of the channel, and a third set to define the left side. It would be great if project explorer included a tab (or a few) under the surfaces category which provide additional information about breaklines, contours, boundaries, or other objects that define that surface. Ideally there would be a way to select/highlight/isolate specific sets of breaklines to help determine which features are included in each set. Right now the feature for selecting a breakline or contour in the Toolspace just selects the surface, and zooming to a breakline set doesn't always make it obvious which objects are part of that set.

I think more granular information about surface definitions is sorely needed, especially when working with surfaces created by others where it may be difficult to determine how a surface was constructed. Seems that Project Explorer would be an ideal place to add some of these features.

Status changed to: Under Review

@Charlie_Magill , that's a great idea -- and would be perfect for Project Explorer. You hit on one of the key use cases for Project Explorer: making it easier for a customer to determine how someone else created an object or model.


Agree and that's a great!

If changes is needed to be done to the surface definition, there is no way to know which definition to remove.


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