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Add a block in the dragged state window of dynamic labels in Civil 3D

Add a block in the dragged state window of dynamic labels in Civil 3D

Would it be possible to add a block in the dragged state window of dynamic labels in Civil 3D, so that it would be possible to match a client's label style or drafting standards? 


A structure label style with a text format in the "As Composed" dragged state will then have a leader associated with the label which needs to flip when the label goes to the left and right of the structure, just like it would in the "Stacked Text" display state. 

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for posting this idea. Currently a block can be added when the label is in As Composed dragged state, but is lost when it's in Stacked Text state.

Just so I'm clear, are you asking for a block to be added to the label only when the label is in dragged state? Or are you asking that the block that can be added to the default Layout state be visible when the label is in Dragged State in the Stacked Text state?


A sketch or screenshot of what you would like to see would be very helpful.

Autodesk Support

Hi! Thank you for taking an interest in this idea!

Here is the screenshot of what I want to obtain:




Thank you for clarifying, @Elina.P 


I've had this problem so many times with different label styles, and it's very frustrating.  I think some simple improvements to how the dragged state worked for a lot of different label styles would be best, and not necessarily adding a block to the stacked text option.  We just need the leaders to be smart enough to recognize when to flip, or an option for them to flip or not.  AutoCAD Multileaders currently behave this way and would be a good example.  



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