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Civil 3D COGO point labels get skewed in 3D modelspace after rotating it

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Civil 3D COGO point labels get skewed in 3D modelspace after rotating it

Hi there,


I noticed that Civil 3D COGO point labels get skewed in 3D model space after rotating the label using the COGO point grip. When text is randomly rotated it makes it hard to read it in 3D view. In the image below thea are text that is oriented the correct way (up along the Z axis). But there are several points indicated by the red arrows that are skewed.


It seems that when I rotate the point label using the COGO point grip the label rotates in 3D. I would like it to always be oriented up based on UCS. Here's a video showing when/how the issue happens: 


I fiddled with all the available point label settings but didn't get the desired result.



Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thanks!

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in reply to: sharasb

Hi Sharas,


Good day to you. Thank you for submitting your question in our discussion forums. 

I see you are visiting as a new member of the Civil 3D forum. Welcome to the Autodesk Community!

Can you share the drawing?

Please let us know if you require further assistance.

If the suggestions helped you, please hit the "Accept Solution" button, as it helps make the solution easier to find for others who might have the same issue. Knowing which topics are solved or not can also help our many users find the questions that still need to be answered. It’s also a great way to say thank you and give recognition to whoever helped you. 




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