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Autodesk Docs - embedding

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Autodesk Docs - embedding

As we are notified about the end-of-life for BIM360 Team, I have been trying to get clear answers from Autodesk support with no luck. 

We have hundreds of models that are published online through embedding. Sharing models online is my main purpose. 

Support personnel told me that Autodesk Docs is the thing. 

I need the embed functionality, it seems like Autodesk Docs is lacking this functionality in sharing options .
If embedding is supported, it is unclear to me how to generate the embed code as "Embed" is not an option at all in the user interface.
Many thanks in advance.
For the free Autodesk Viewer, all models are set to a 30 days expiration, which also makes this solution troublesome as I find no way for automatically extending. 

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