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ACC 360 Photos

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ACC 360 Photos

It's really nice to be able to have 360 photos on the jobsite for progress photos. It'd be nicer still if the app supported it. 

For example, I can take a panorama on the iPad (limited to 180 degrees on my version) and UPLOAD it, but I cannot pin a photo to a sheet and ADD a panorama right there.

On an Android phone, I can take a Sphere or a true 360 panorama and UPLOAD it, but I cannot ADD either photo type directly to anything. 

It is a small inconvenience, but I dislike having to leave the app to accomplish a goal.

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ACC is lacking this, it can work with pointclouds nicely, but panoramas would be a simpler way to accomplish a lot of what pointclouds do. AS DALUX does... as Recap Does offline.  More relevant given that many laser scanner provide also a panorama image that is great for inspection.  


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I recently had a timely conversation with the wonderful people at DroneDeploy about this very topic.

From my perspective as a user, ACC both lacks the tools, and has a large opportunity here, to better integrate 3rd party data capture platforms and allow better capture directly within ACC.


  1. Products like DroneDeploy and others, will always be at the forefront of reality capture. This is not a space that Autodesk needs to excel in, but they should better integrate with those who do.
    So, from within ACC, after having connected DroneDeploy, I want ACC to know that when I am looking for a photo to attach to an item like a Form, Issue, etc, then not only look at the Build Photos, but also look at DroneDeploy's photo repository. Chances are someone has already walked the site earlier that day using DroneDeploy, and so allow me to access that data directly from ACC.

  2. If I am walking the site and I don't have prior DroneDeploy data, then allow me to capture it directly from ACC using tools like 2D photos, panos, 360s, or even laser scans.
    Then, allow me to sync that with our chosen reality capture platform, like DroneDeploy, where we can further analyse this data.

There is definitely a missed opportunity here for ACC to develop a base for deep integrations of 3rd party reality capture platforms to remove this friction. It's almost as though this has to happen as reality capture tech continues to evolve and become more important for GCs.

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in reply to: Chad-Smith

I went digging into the forums for a product called "Field", hmmmm @Anonymous, both you and I asked about this feature back in 2017!


Maybe one day, .... maybe.


Photos are a critical and amazing communication tool for those who are in the office modelling to see what and how things get installed along with the real-time progress so as not to change those elements.

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Maybe just enable URLS on objects, easily clickable in acc viewer. That way I can imagine a huge amount of functionality could be added, including to popup an external 360 viewer. Adding these objects in the model (i.e. spheres) in the location of each photo should be easy with dynamo or forge or maye a plugin.   

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Isn't this what AD considers an idea?

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Considering when you're in an Issue, it let's you add photo or video, but the photo type isn't specified, I'm not sure it's an 'Idea' considering they let you upload that type of photo.

I'm also not sure the point of your comment? Are you trying to suggest it be posted in Ideas despite there not being an ACC/Unified Ideas area? I feel the programming and UI is misleading as to what it can do or what to expect, so it isn't a new feature or Idea but a completion of what is implied - or a note (i) of what you need to do to complete this. It has gained plenty of traction here and if it needs to be or should be relocated, it can be, but I argue this isn't an idea but a lack of programming completion.
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in reply to: andrell.laniewicz

Try Product Feedback.

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in reply to: RSomppi

Maybe 9 months ago I would have
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in reply to: andrell.laniewicz

Are you saying that it is fixed?

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in reply to: RSomppi

@andrell.laniewicz - this post has been edited due to Community Rules & Etiquette violation.


I'm saying that there has been a fair amount of discussion on this post and I do not want to create a new one. If you'd like to, feel free - you can even reference this post if you'd like, but with the lack of an actual ACC Unified posting place, this was my best attempt. This thread can be moved by a moderator if needed as well.

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in reply to: andrell.laniewicz

If you feel it is an issue, don't you think it's prudent to address it in the proper place instead of leaving it to someone else?

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in reply to: RSomppi

@andrell.laniewicz - this post has been edited due to Community Rules & Etiquette violation.


When I go to forums, there is Ideas and there is Support, there is not product feedback in a public way. I have let Autodesk know in a ticket at the time AS WELL as posting here because 1- I have a lot of users who asked how to do this (take 360 photos) 2- other people may have better solutions or workflows and 3- this is where I felt it was best.

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Muting because this has gotten ridiculous. 

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I was also facing the same issue but I was lucky enough to get rid the trouble by reading lots of blogs.

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