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Translate/Transform cached Bifrost Graph Simulation

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Translate/Transform cached Bifrost Graph Simulation


Is there a way to translate a cached aereo simulation within Maya or the Bifrost Graph Editor? I know it is quite easy with polyObjects (as described in this tutorial: but it doesn’t seem to work with aereo simulations.

I am asking, since I cached a huge simulation already, and I would like to reuse it and therefore I have to be able to move and rotate it.


Thank you in advance!



  • Windows 10 Build 17763
  • Maya 2019.2
  • Bifrost Version
  • TR 1950X
  • 32 GB RAM
  • RTX 2080 - 430.86 Studio Driver
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If you store a VDB you can import it with your render engine and move rotate scale it.

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It would be incredible if simulations could be deformed ... does anyone know about this topic?
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Thank you for your reply!

Ok I see. I tried to export a few frame now in VDB and reimporting it with Arnold>Volume. What i dont understand is which properties/channels I have to write/insert into the "Grids" field (AttributeEditor>aiVolumeShape>VolumeAttributes>Grids). Since whatever i choose Arnold keeps rendering the Voxels instead of the Volume_Density. Are there any special settings in the Bifrost Graph file_Cache node i have to consider when exporting with VDB, since until now I used BOB?


Thanks in advance!

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Have you assigned the aiStandardVolume Shader and use the Bifrost preset?


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Thank you for the reply!

Yes I have applied the aiStandartVolume. I attached a screenshot, so it is easier to have an overview what I am talking about.


Thanks in advance!

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Have you turned on use default material in the viewport?

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It was not turned on. But even if I turn it on it doesnt change anything. I added a screenshot again. 


Thanks in advance!

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You need to use the bifrost preset.

There is a preset button on top of the shader tab.

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Ok I see! Yes this solved the issue.


Thank you very much!

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