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Subframe particle emission

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Subframe particle emission

Hey everyone I have a question about emitting a secondry particle system sub frame.  I know it currently does emit sub frame but only in a linear syle, sampling the particle position at each frame, not sub frame and throwing interpolated positions in between. Is there anyway to sample the sub frame positions being calculated inside the simulation compound outside it.


What im trying to achieve is some swirly particle trails that are moving quite fast and the particle trail and particle emission would need sub frame data to get to look better.


Cheers guys

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Basically would love to be able to get subframe movement like the picture below, with the start and end motion being 1 frame step. Being able to get that subframe calculation data out. I tried diving into the simulate compund but it seems the substeps are calculated and then locked into a whole step. I'm wondering if this is a limitation?


Screenshot 2021-09-30 143904.png

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in reply to: andrew.bkly

Well I kind of got something working, I changed some to int conversions of the time nodes to float and made it valid to simulate on the substep fraction of the frame. I have to change Maya to playback by 0.25 for example in order to write the cache. Very difficult and hard to use. Also the write alembic doesn't seem to support writing the particle properties like size etc. The properties are there but are empty or 0. The bob files work fine but doesn't support subframe writing/reading.


Screenshot 2021-09-30 230043.jpg

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