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set_mesh_UVs - difficulty setting to map1

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set_mesh_UVs - difficulty setting to map1

is it possible to set uvs back to the default map1 of an object?

i've modified the set_mesh_UVs compound to set to the map1 property, or really any sort of custom name, but it doesn't seem to make it back into the maya mesh.


if i create a polyPlane in maya, assign uvs to map1, delete construction history, and then just do a simple pipe through a bifrost graph -> brifrostToMayaGeo -> mesh, the UVs make it through, assigned to the maya uv set called "map1".


internal to the graph, a watchpoint doesn't refer to the UVs by the "map1" property, but by "face_vertex_uv" (target face_vertex_uv_index) and face_vertex_uv_index (target face_vertex_component).


if i create a mesh internal to bifrost, and hook it up to a bifrostToMayaGeo -> mesh, i get map1 (which is empty), and if i use set_mesh_UVs, and use the default face_vertex_uv string property, i get a second map on the maya mesh, called "face_vertex_uv", but i want to be able to output uvs to "map1".


if i modify the compound to save to "map1" rather than "face_vertex_uv", i get for internal bifrost properties: map1 (target map1_index), map1_index (target face_vertex_component). all the information is otherwise identical to when the target was "face_vertex_uv", but the result is just an empty "map1" uv set on the output mesh.


what am i doing wrong?

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Its a bit confusing but within a bifrost graph, the uv set names use the convention "face_vertex_uv" as you've noticed.


In order to bring in a mesh from Maya, and bring it back out with the same uv set names we use an extra property on the uv sets called "dcc_name" which will tell the bifrostGeoToMaya node what to name the uv set on the corresponding Maya mesh.  You can see this property if you bring a Maya mesh into the Bifrost graph and dump it out as a text file will a dump_object node. 


For meshes that you create directly inside Bifrost, you should be able to add this "dcc_name" property to your uv sets, and the bifrostGeoToMaya node will use that name when translating the mesh back to Maya.


Hope that helps!


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