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PRINT_PACK 2.0 - easier, faster, more

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PRINT_PACK 2.0 - easier, faster, more

*** UPDATE *** Version 2.9 is available here:


Version 2.0 of the print_pack is ready.


There are four new nodes that allow more complex representations of object data quite easily.

In addition, I was able to again significantly increase the speed of displaying text using strands.


For example, print_array can now refresh 20,000 characters from 30,000 strands with 250,000 points on my laptop 20 times per second. I would never have dreamed of such rates when I started this project.


Of course, I also use the print nodes myself for programming. They have already proven to be very helpful and I don't want to miss them anymore.

I also get very positive feedback from our users.


However, I get the most benefit from what I have learned about programming in Bifrost through the print_pack.

The complexity of the task made it necessary for me to deal with completely new techniques and tread very unfamiliar paths.


Besides the known four updated print nodes - print_static, print_scrolling, print_points and print_array - the four new nodes are:


  • print_point_properties: prints (colored) multi-line labels to the points of an object.
  • print_table: prints a nice table of up to four arrays - for comparison or to look through.
  • print_object_properties: prints the properties (data) of an object as a table.
  • print_object_dump: Prints the structure of an object as a "dump".

Here is a short video introducing all nodes:




















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in reply to: Roland.Reyer

great tool - will use it for sure!

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in reply to: Roland.Reyer



I think you are using some nodes from other modules, not included. 

For example the print_point_properties node uses the quaternion_to_degrees  node, that MJCG changed in his pack 2.0 to quaternion to euler, and also, degrees_to_quaternion he changed it to euler_to_quaternion.

Could you include those nodes?

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very useful👍

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in reply to: kmdaniel

Sorry for the trouble.
I used the two utility nodes in another project and didn't thoroughly test print_pack 2.0.


Here's a quick fix.
The ZIP contains three JSON files.

  • print_point_properties
  • quaternion_to_degrees
  • degrees_to_quaternion

Just copy them to the print_pack/compounds folder.


@kmdaniel Thank you for reporting.


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Hi Roland, This pack looks amazing. I'm having trouble getting it to work though. It seems like some of the internal nodes aren't loading properly? I'm not too sure what is going on. I do have the nodes loaded, and am able to create them just fine(the first photo shows a non working float_to_string node, and also a float_to_string node that I was able to create). But the compounds don't seem to load them. I have attached 3 photos to show you what I mean. Do you have any idea what might be happening? 


Thanks so much for any help!floatToString2.jpgarray_info_String3.jpgfloatToString.jpg

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This is strange.

In the first picture there is one "float_to_string" broken and another one that's ok.

Did you create them manually?


What happens when you create the main nodes (print_static, print_array, etc.)?

Are they all broken (red)?


Which version of Bifrost are you using?



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Hey Roland, Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes, I created that one manually. I was trying to show that it does exist as node that can be created, but for some reason, is not loading properly in the compound.

All of the main compounds do this. And it seems to be the same situation for all of them, just with varying types of subnodes not loading properly.

I'm working on Bifrost version I will check if there is an update I can do.
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It looks like it was a version issue. I updated bifrost, and the compounds are now working. Thanks so much, I didn't realize I could update bifrost manually.
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how do you install it

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Check your emails.

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You need to enable your Forum email notifications.

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Please note: the latest version of the PRINT PACK is 2.9:



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