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Migrating from 2.0.5 to 2.2... GeoLocations and Subtract

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Migrating from 2.0.5 to 2.2... GeoLocations and Subtract


A while ago, we made some Bifrost Deformers with Bifrost_Graph in Maya 2018. The Bifrost version was
We need those Deformers in Maya 2020 (and 2022) with Bifrost 2.2. ...

But apparently some changes were made...
We're having Trouble converting GeoLocations and with the Substract Node.






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in reply to: mitch.s

According to the errors the subtract node is trying to subtract and Array of Arrays from an Array which is not supported. Basically, one of you connections is outputting a nested array.


The second error appears to be the "locations" are no longer location data. It appears that the data input is actually Amino::Object, you can identify this as the error message explicitly states it and because the connect is an off blue color indicating an Amino::Object. The connection is looking for an array of GeoLocation data. This is generated by a variety of nodes but is most commonly created by a "generate_sample_locations" node.

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in reply to: calibrix

Thanks for the very quick response Calibrix!

I understand the error message but I didn't know how to remedy to this.
Changing data-types between versions is a dreaded thing.
But I am amazed at how easily this data-type problem can be solved in Bifrost. (can be a tedious thing to resolve in other network driven frameworks (eg Maya itself))

The problem was solely the change of the locations data-type.
The subtract problem was a direct consequence of this.


The input-node of the compound node depicted above is linked to the 'locations-output' of a 'get_closest_locations' node. But the data type of those 'locations' changed along the bifrost versions.

Solution :
I 'simply' needed to right-click -> change type on the 'location-port' of the input node (depicted above)
And change the type from 'Object' to 'Auto'

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