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Maya Hair to Bifrost Strands Instancer

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Maya Hair to Bifrost Strands Instancer

Here is a quick little example of how you can use the latest Bifrost 2.2 version to "import" Maya curves into bifrost and do some interesting rigging/cfx workflows with it. In this example, I use the nHair output curves as strands input in a bifrost graph that instances objects along the strand tangents. 





You can check the attached scene file for the workflow. The free rebel_pack and MJCG compounds are required to open the scene correctly.





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Ooh man its goin on to much. I cant follow anymore.

Thanks for sharing all your R&D.

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in reply to: sachin.shrestha

may I ask if the example file you shared is working correctly? somehow, the bifrost node on scene does not seem to exist ( with rebel_pack and MJCG compounds ). If you do not mind, can you check?

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in reply to: sachin.shrestha

Hi @Anonymous ,

The scene from @sachin.shrestha was using an older version of MJCG compounds was not forward compatible with 2.0. I updated it to work with the latest version. I attached Sachin's scene working with the latest MJCG compounds version.

The only difference is that the instance geometry must now be facing the positive Z axis instead of the positive X axis.

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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