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Mash points line connection with Bezier curve

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Mash points line connection with Bezier curve

Hi folks,


I'm trying to make a line graph like this:


My idea is to generate a group of points with Mash, then use Trails node to generate connection. However, I want the lines to be curve lines, just like the way Maya's node graph looks. I'm wondering if this can be done in Mash or Bifrost graph? Attaching a screenshot to demonstrate the kind of node graph I'm trying to make.


Thanks in advance!


Screenshot 2021-11-09 151440.png

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Perhaps the information in this post will be helpful?:


There is also this compound which could be useful:


Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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in reply to: Anonymous

Thanks for the quick reply! I just saw this post and it looks promising!

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Hey there I did the droopy strands one also MJCG's compounds has some to create different curves as well.


My droopy strands one is very simple, catenary I think is more accurate for a type of curve but to do what you're trying to achieve you might have to mod droopy_strands so each strand projects toward the centre of your circle and not just down in Y. But it should connect all your points with lines and everything.

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Thanks a lot @andrew.bkly ! Appreciate the help. I'll look into it and see how it goes.

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