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Is there any way to export BIF cache into FBX?

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Is there any way to export BIF cache into FBX?

Hi there,


I have a liquid simulation nicely done. export as BIF. Import into a new scene and all looks good in Maya. Here's the problem,  I need to export that animated mesh into Autodesk Flame. Is there any way to achieve it through FBX or Alembic?


Thank you!

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you may need to re-export the scene that is reading in the bif (I will assume it's a mesh) as a separate alembic file.

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in reply to: alifunk

I was able to sim, mesh, and export a bif cache and then output an alembic from that bif cache.

But after trying a few options with FBX I was not able to figure out how to output an FBX successfully from the Bif Cache.

sorry if this isn't terribly useful.


If you are able to export an alembic and bring that into Flame then that may be your best bet.


I'll try a couple other things.


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in reply to: alifunk

k, I tried to geoCache the bif cached mesh and then specify that in the FBX options and it gave me something of a sequence but it's a fairly mangled mesh so that may not work. I will try a couple other things tomorrow but as of now the more promising bet is to select the mesh of the bif cached mesh and export that out as an Alembic if Flame will accept the Alembic format.

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in reply to: alifunk

I tried a couple other things and it's just not going to work. So..If Flame can take in an Alembic cache this is probably your best bet. I could ask someone from the Flame team to see what it would take to get bifrost Geo cache into Flame. 

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