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Droopy Strands

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Droopy Strands

Hi everyone,

I've been enjoying playing around in Bifrost. I managed to make a kind of droopy wire compound which connects between two sets of scattered points and makes an exponential curve between them. At the moment it does scatter points on objects, but maybe it would be better to take user point positions for the two sets. The curve is based off a simple parabola and resample strand and it'd be great to add some more variation to maybe the trough size and but I'm not sure how to go about that. See example video and I also attached a maya scene. It does require the rebel pack.


Screenshot 2021-07-11 170137.jpg

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in reply to: andrew.bkly

Very cool! 

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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in reply to: andrew.bkly

Thanks Maxime!

I've found all your material very helpful! I've managed to progress the tool a little better. I've added a sequential option to connect the wires sequentially with the from to positions. Added some curvature bias to the droop shape, also some bias to the min max drooping, using your bias compounds. Then I've also added a simple swinging animation option to be a bit like simple wind. I've also tried to keep correct orientation so objects can be attached and swing rotated accordingly.


I was wondering about putting the compound on the Autodesk page if maybe its useful. I just had a thought about how some tools will start to require many uses of other peoples compounds within one. Would there be a way to bake in referenced compounds for sharing or is it better practice to write your own version of the compounds you are trying to use? Or am I thinking about it too much haha.

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This looks really cool. I encourage you to share your work. Some tips for sharing:

  • Make any of your own custom internal compounds editable (so they are local and not referenced). You should leave any of the factory nodes as references.
    Any other package dependencies (like the Rebel or MJCG pack) should probably be left as references, but make sure to let people know it is required. Either that, or make those compounds editable as well.
  • Write an .md file for the Info Tab (see for guidance)
  • Publish your compound, changing the namespace to something other than "User".
  • Upload the .json and .md file as a .zip file to the Area here:

Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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Cheers Ian,

That's makes sense!

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