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Building uv's for a bifrost mesh

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Building uv's for a bifrost mesh

Hi guys, I am trying to do unitize on an input mesh and then doing a layout with each face uv’s next to each other in a neat line/grid, but I am stuck with what kind of data I need to input into the set geo property.

I attatched the file for reference.


I am constructing a mesh based on an input, but I need to rebuild the uv’s.
I can pass through the original geo uv’s but that’s not what I want.


I have the faces of the mesh split up so no face shares the same uv’s, but I absolutely can’t figure out how to build an array that the set geo property will take, and the set_mesh_uv’s would only work if I knew the order of uv’s, but I am kind of working in the blind with this.




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Hi Bjorn,


Here's something that might help you, from the set_mesh_UVs docs.



The per-face-vertex indices that map a face vertex to an element in the given coordinates array. If empty, the coordinates are treated as per-vertex values, and the mesh's face_vertex array is used to index into the coordinates array.

In order words, you can provide per-point UVs if you don't supply any indices and it'll create the indices for you. 

If you want to create UVs per face-vertex, it's also simple. You only need indices that count up to the number of face vertices. 


For example, a cube has 6 faces, 8 points, and 24 face vertices (6 quads with 4 points each). To set per-point UVs, you can just supply an array of 8 uvs and no indices. For face vertices you can supply an array of 24 uvs + "identity" indices [0,1,2,3...22,23] (which you can create simply with "get array indices"). 


Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager
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in reply to: blaabjergb

How do you pull the UVs from an alembic cached mesh (cached on maya, not bifrost)? I can't seem to make it work on bifrost graph editor...

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