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Bifrost shelf icons are greyed out in Maya 2024

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Bifrost shelf icons are greyed out in Maya 2024

My bifrost shelf in maya 2024 is greyed out and I have all of the bifrost mll's uploaded. I uninstalled and reinstalled maya etc and still the problem persists. Can someone please help me fix what's wrong?

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Do you have Bifrost installed?



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Yes. It's up to date.

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Have tried to rename your prefs folder? Maybe there is some old stuff inside.

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What should I rename it to? I found an old maya 2023 folder in my documents folder and deleted it.

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If you rename the prefs folder from 2023 to 2023_old Maya wont find it and does create a new one.

You could also delete it. But a backup is a good idea maybe there is something you want to keep.


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I deleted the folder because there isn't anything that I want to keep, but still the bifrost problem persists. I did a file purge of all of the autodesk folders in my program files and wherever I could then redownloaded maya and it works fine now. I don't know what caused it in the first place but it works now and that's all I care about. It seems there was a compounded issue where I couldn't even assign a new material to an object. Thanks for your help regardless, I appreciate it. 

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in reply to: JellyfishDonut

It happened to me with all shelf 😀
I found away to fix it instead of delete maya folder from Document. go to shelf and on icon (Ctrl + Middle click) to create duplicate from it then open shelf editor and delete the icon grey out

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in reply to: 315150112

thank you so much!! it's so annoying bug, I have a lot of custom scripts and I was afraid to recreate them all because of this issue.

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in reply to: handiVJT2T

The workaround I have for the issue now is I just delete the shelf and reload the shelf and it's completely fine. It's quite the annoying bug.

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