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Bifrost Browser clouds have stopped rendering

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Bifrost Browser clouds have stopped rendering

So i'm pretty new to pretty much anything to do with Bifrost so youll have to excuse me if this is a really common/ easy to solve problem. 

Well a few weeks ago I set up a render for a project that used the cloud from the bifrost browser and after messing with it a little bit I was able to get a render I was happy with, and it didnt really provide me any issues. 


So now i've been looking at the image and I've decided that I want to do a couple minor touch ups to it, but my scene is giving me a lot of issues with the clouds now. 

Whenever I move the camera or select one of the clouds it gives me a very enigmatic error code that simply says //Error: 

and thats it. 

The clouds dont show up at all in the render view. 

I also cant get them to appear in the bifrost graph again, so I dont know if that has something to do with it? 

Any insight would be helpful


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Is the Bifrost plugin and MtoA loaded? 

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can you zip up and post the scene file?

Also, video screen captures of the issue are extremely helpful. If you could get one to us showcasing the issue that could help.


I would also check that the plugins are loaded in the plugin manager.

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