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Array of objects ....

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Array of objects ....

I'm guessing I can't pass a generated array of strands to the output of a graph?

Get from array works - for one strand - , passing the whole array to the output doesn't (Maya just won't connect it):
// Error: Bifrost failed to create Maya attribute for type array<array<Amino::Object>>. //

Is there a way around this?  I'm generating wires in a fence basically and want the ability to have n wires by user input

Thanks again in advance

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Maybe I could loop through the array? Kinda voids the idea if I have to go add a get from array every time I want to add a wire 😞

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in reply to: valhallen

There seems to be an issue prior to get_from_array. The error message suggests that the output ports coming from get_from_array are 2D arrays, which means the data prior to these nodes is a 3D arrays. You should double check on this side. A single array would be enough in this case.

That said, regarding what you're trying to make, ideally you'd do this using a loop yes, and ideally you'd have a single strands object containing all the wires. 

I made a blog post about how to process strands, hopefully it can help you: 

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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in reply to: mjcg91

Thank You so much @mjcg91 !  The blog post nailed it, that and one "flatten nested array" node ... was one of those "obvious" moments.

That post is utterly awesome and very well written, thank you again!  Now I know about substrands I am going to go a rebuild my strands offset system so it can be a single strand with n substrands on output.  Then I'm going to have some "fun" with MPM fibres, so there might be a flurry of questions about that too later on 😄

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in reply to: mjcg91

Thanks for sharing this. Really great deep dive into this topic.

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