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🔊 Autodesk Desktop App Users - FAQ (Please Read)

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🔊 Autodesk Desktop App Users - FAQ (Please Read)

How will users with ADA get notified about an update? 

If Automatic Updates of ADA is OFF, they will get a dialog in ADA telling them that an update is available, and the UI will be disabled.  No notifications will be shown to the user.


Do customers need to uninstall ADA before installing Access?

No, when Autodesk Access installs, it will uninstall ADA.  ADA needs to be removed as part of the Access install because it will no longer function and has some security issues that could impact customers.  It should be uninstalled.  If ADA uninstall fails (some error occurs) while Access is installed, ADA can be manually uninstalled.


Is the ADA update optional?

Yes, it is optional if they have automatic updates of ADA disabled, however ADA will be disabled and no longer function.  Users do not have to perform the update, and if that is desired, users should uninstall ADA.  Access will still be included in all new product installations.



Jonathan Hand

Industry Community Manager | AEC (Architecture & Building)

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