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Lackof dialog Box for Define query

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Lackof dialog Box for Define query

Dear all,

This is a question about defining a query from the Map Explorer tab of the Task Pane in Map 3D 2015.

Even though I have the FILEDIA variable set to 1, the define query command refuses to open as a dialog box. Instead I get a command line version that is impossible to use.

I've even tried ~ADEQUERY, but I still get the command line.

All other dialog boxes in Map and Civil seem to be working just fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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Wondering if this was ever resolved and what the solution was? I've gone through all the steps in this post and googled every other possible solution, even had AutoCAD re-installed. Still won't bring up a dialog box for queries or attaching object data. We are currently using AutoCAD Map 2023.


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Believe it or not, there are different ways to query. You need to upload images (screen grabs) of your monitor to demonstrate the sequence of steps you are undertaking . A detailed explanation is highly desirable.


Please don't start a debate by saying stuff like 'it worked before' and 'I've always have done it the same way.' Just upload images of your monitor so your procedure be quickly evaluated and an effective solution can be explained and provided. 



BTW, you are commenting on an old, very old, post.


Please start a brand new post that addresses your specific issue. Even though your current situation is related to the original post, it's likely your issue is different. At the very least you're using a different version of Map3D (year) and a different operating system.


Whenever possible upload lots of images (more is better) that displays your monitor because images can be an efficient way to illustrate the issue and will curtail what you need to describe. Some users, especially the ones that want fast and effective solutions, upload videos demonstrating their problem. 


The Forum needs to understand your issue, not a previous issue. Please help the Forum so the Forum can help you.



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