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Sheet Set Manager for Web Publish to PDF Doesn't Always Work

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Sheet Set Manager for Web Publish to PDF Doesn't Always Work



Our organization uses the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) for our projects hence AutoCAD/Civil 3D defaults to the Sheet Set Manager for Web (opposed to the traditional Sheet Set Manager) when our project .dst files are saved on the cloud.  For our current project, when we try to Publish to PDF for an entire drawing set, the publish operation fails.  If I take that same Sheet Set .dst file and save it locally or to an office server (i.e. off the cloud), repath the layouts to either local or office server paths, and then run Publish to PDF using the traditional Sheet Set Manager, the drawing set plots just fine.  With the cloud-based Sheet Set Manager for Web, if I try Publish to PDF separately for each drawing (see attached screenshot), some drawings plot successfully while other plots fail.  I noticed that if the drawings are more simple (ex. they don't have any external references), they seem to publish just fine; if the drawings are somewhat complex (ex. they have two or more external references), the publish operation seems to take a very long time and fail.  If I open every drawing from ACC independently and try to plot from the drawing, everything plots just fine.


Just wondering if this is a known glitch within the Sheet Sets for Web or is there another reason why the Publish to PDF operation is consistently failing.



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I could be wrong but I feel the errors are due to how the plot settings are setup for that sheet tab. It's a few extra clicks but I use Publish Dialog Box in SSM.


SSM Publish.png



Vincent Sheehan

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