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Hi guys, I have made a template drawing (.dwg) titled "1 to 100" which had 50 sheets setup so that I can publish up to 50 drawings in my model space quickly and easily. I saved the sheet list in a particular place and have to import it every time I want to publish. I then copied the template drawing (.dwg) and renamed it to a specific job name "5460_SS_1-PLANS - NEW" and then tried to publish but when I imported the same sheet list I realised that the sheets still refer back to the "1 to 100" drawing which meant that all of the pdf drawings still did not come from the "5460_SS_1-PLANS - NEW" drawing. How can I import the sheet list and quickly update the source drawing so that all of the sheets are still in the same place but come from the renamed dwg instead of the template drawing. It is very time consuming to redefine the sheets with every new drawing.



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Hi @jgleesonT6N4Q,


I see that you are visiting as a new member to the AutoCAD forum. Welcome to the Autodesk Community!


Sheet lists contain the layouts specific to the file they were created from. In AutoCAD, when loading a sheet list, you have the choice to replace or append. It looks like you may have replaced the existing sheets. 




I am not sure I understand what is meant by "redefine the sheets in every new drawing". Do you mean the change the layout names or select them in the publish? 


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Cheryl Buck
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Hi and thanks for your response.


I'm sorry if my explanation isn't great but I am not really sure how to work the question properly haha.


My understanding of what is going on is that each row is predefining a plot window. I have setup 50 predefined plot windows (part of which can be seen in my screenshot above - S01, S02 ... to S50) to try and make a template drawing where I don't have to redefine the plot windows with every new dwg. The predefined plot windows correspond with the 50 title boxes that I have predrawn in my "1 to 100" drawing or my template drawing, refer to screenshot. So the hope is that we can open the template drawing and as long as we draw in these predrawn title boxes I can import the predefine windows and just publish all of the drawings.



The problem is that the predefined windows that I import are only related to the 1 to 100 template drawing, so as soon as I copy and rename the template drawing to a job specific drawing and then import the sheet list and corresponding page setup my predefined windows are not related to my job specific drawing. So i essentially want to import the settings and "replace all sheets in the list", but I then want to change the source drawing so that the predefined windows are from my job specific drawing, not the 1 to 100 drawing.


So in response to your answer, is there any way to make sheet lists contain the layouts specific to the file they were created from but apply that layout to a new file instead of the file they were created from?


So sorry for the lengthy message, I just dont know how to explain it


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Here's a workaround:


One-time directions:


Set PUBLISHALLSHEETS System Variable to 0 (this value prevents automatic loading of unwanted currently-open document's layouts in the publish list).


Create a plotter configuration file (PC3) with any desired custom PDF setting.


Within the Publish dialog window, select the previous custom PDF Preset (PC3).
Then right-click anywhere in the sheet list area and uncheck "Include Model When Adding Sheets."
Click Publish to execute the batch plot process as clicking Cancel will lose the change.

It will be set program-wide from then on.


Screenshot 2021-11-16 184446.jpg



Every new drawing directions:


Create a new drawing from your 1 to 100.dwt template


Save as SOME_CUSTOM_FILENAME.dwg (mandatory to automatically load all existing layouts in the Publish List).


Type PUBLISH. All existing layouts should be on the list.




Further reading:


How to create plotter configuration files (PC3) in AutoCAD.


How to stop the model tab from being added to the publish sheet list in AutoCAD.



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Use this - Revers 
It's easier and faster.

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