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dimension inputs not showing up anymore

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dimension inputs not showing up anymore

When I go to make a line and I want it to be 1" long. I first click, then drag in the direction i want, then USUALLY when I type how long I want it to be, a little box shows up showing me what I typed before I click enter to create the line. 


AutoCAD, having a mind of its own, switched that setting off on me sometime while I was sleeping. Ho do I turn that back on. Everywhere on google said Dynamic input, but that was only half of the problem. It only shows as you pull the line, not when I type something in. 

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There should be a toggle in the lower part of the AutoCAD screen to toggle on and off Dynamic input. or you can use F12.


Good luck,

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>>  It only shows as you pull the line, not when I type something in.  <<

i suggest to check Dynamic Input tab from DSETTINGS command.there you will find the settings that can serve your need.



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the function still works even without DYNMODE active, the input appears on the command line.

But hey, that's just me.

Randall Culp
Civil-Structural Design Technician
(aka CADaver)
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"Enable dimension input where possible" was the check box I needed!


Thanks you!

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Much more efficient to see it on the screen where I am looking than on the command line at the bottom of the screen. Plus had it like this since the start so after doing something, I wait for it to pop up... then im like oh wait its just waiting for me now....

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