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Can I subtract block from 3D solid shape?

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Can I subtract block from 3D solid shape?

I have an irregular 3D shape and want to make a copy of it with the scale x=0.95, y=0.95, z=1.

Then I want to subtract the copy from the shape (I think it is helpful to mention that I know how SUBTRACT command works).


From what I googled, I can scale each axis differently using block which I managed to do without any problem.

But when I tried to subtract the newly scaled block from the 3D solid shape, SUBTRACT command didn't seem to work.


1) So is there any way I can subtract block from 3D solid shape? or

2) Is there any other way I can scale each axis differently? or

3) Can I change block back to 3D solid shape?


Thanks for the help in advance!


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At first I want to ask you:
Have you managed to create "3d cylinder that has circle top and eclipse bottom"? - You have not posted anything about this in reply to answers provided.

Now about non uniform scaled 3D shape.
Is it 3D solid object?
If yes, than you cannot scale it non-uniformly and you cannot convert non-uniformly scaled block with 3D Solid back to 3D solid.

In AutoCAD you can scale non-uniformly only 3D Mesh objects. Actually there is workaround for your case, but it depends on how complex is 3D object you want to subtract.


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Maxim Kanaev

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in reply to: maxim_k

Thank you for the answer Maxim!

I forgot to tell you that I managed to make a cylinder with ellipse bottom and circle top.

Also I solved the problem by taking different a approach.

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