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Log to Console / Slow IPR rendering

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Log to Console / Slow IPR rendering


I've noticed that the HtoA documentation doesn't align with the actual settings on the Arnold ROP.



I figured out this can result in a massive slow-down to IPR rendering. We generally prefer higher verbosity settings such as "Detailed" but there is no indication in the docs that this should cause a slowdown when IPR rendering (only mentioned for "Debug") and can largely go unnoticed.

Switching off "Log to Console" (likely works in-conjunction to reducing verbosity to either info or warnings only) drastically sped up IPR rendering in my testing where the Render View no longer gets stuck for large amounts of time on certain percentages and causes a delay in the IPR update on scene changes.

Might want to make this clearer and correct the verbosity naming in the docs to align with the actual settings on the ROP.

All the best,


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in reply to: am_wilkins

Never heard of Detailed (Info) being a slow down. Debug, yes.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: Stephen.Blair

Maybe give it a bash (with lots of textures in the scene), we tested on multiple machines and all of them had significant pauses during IPR rendering—as it seemed log information was being outputted to console.

Perhaps it's relating to "Detailed Texture Statistics" rather? But that and "Log to Console" are both enabled by default.

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in reply to: am_wilkins

If stats are being printed out every frame, then yes that can cause a slowdown in IPR since there's a fair bit of computation required to process those stats.

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