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Lightgroups solaris

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Lightgroups solaris

Hi. Is it possible to render lightgroups in solaris and if so how. Kind regards mark

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this is currently not possible, as the AOV light group parameter is missing from the light/dome light LOP. We have HtoA ticket 1502 tracking this issue.



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Is this still not possible? if it is possible, can someone point me in the direction of figuring it out? ive tried the docs and a bunch of tutorials, but using the rendervars to get per-light aovs seems really confusing and difficult compared to doing it with karma, or doing it with arnold in ROPs.

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HtoA 5.4.1

  • htoa#1502 Add AOV light groups to Solaris lights


// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Great, thanks Stephen! I did notice that but still couldn't get it to work in solaris. I've done them a bunch of times in maya, and regular houdini. I tried to figure this out by following the render vars tutorial and stuff on the docs, but there's no clear explanation to me for how to set up the light passes in solaris and everything I tried failed. Would love any help with this if possible.

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You can do it like this:

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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thanks, this still seems to not be working for me though. so I make the "additional render vars", i have my light group set for my rim light named "rim" issue.PNG

then i drop a render product and add "/Render/Products/Vars/rim" (what i named my render var)

then i add my render product to the ordered products of my render settings.

now in the menu for render outputs on the viewport i do see this "rim" option (and no more color option) -- but it just renders black.

so still no idea what im missing here. i've watched a few tutorials on solaris aovs in arnold, including the arnold documentation, but I can't seem to get this to work.

on top of all this, i also am curious if there is a way to just set it to create aovs for all light groups? like can i do something like C.<L.'*'> for the LPE? or do i really need to make a new render far for each individual light group? this seems like a much harder and more complex workflow than the rops method.

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Hey thanks! This wasnt initially working for me. then i ended up updating to 7.0.2 from 7.0.0 and it works! Hope this process gets easier down the line, its a little more annoying to set up, esp for lots of lights, than in rops.



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