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Rendering with Arnold in Houdini and Solaris using the HtoA plug-in.
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HtoA inconsistent render times

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HtoA inconsistent render times

I'm rendering with HtoA on deadline right now and am having problems with the same rendernodes having different rendertimes. Rendertime right now seems to differ from about 5-10 minutes on a frame to 2-2,5 hours. The frames look completely similar and the only reason i've found seems to be a something called InitializeNodes in the deadline log. Does anyone know what Arnolds InitializeNodes does and where or how i can fix it?

Logs here

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It's possible this has been fixed in a newer version of Arnold. For instance, Arnold has the following fix:

"Node initialization does not scale when there are procedurals that create many nodes".
I would suggest upgrading to at least this version and if it's still slow, try the very latest.
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Thank you for replying! I will try to get an update but could be hard in the middle of a project. It just seems so strange that the same rendernode will differ 2 hours in rendertime between 2 frames that have nothing added or taken away.

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You could also try disabling options.parallel_node_init until you upgrade to a newer arnold. That of course can make that stage slower since it's just using a single CPU core, but compared to the huge slowdown you're sometimes getting, you'll probably still be much faster.

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