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Toon Shader - Volumes

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Toon Shader - Volumes

Hi. I am currently working on a project and want to use Toon Shader. I need some volumetrics in some scenes like VDB clouds and explosions. Is there a way to use volumes with Toon Shader?

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Sorry, but no.

Volumes, motion blur, DOF and the VR camera do not currently work with the Toon shader.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Hopefully soon compatible with VR camera.

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Depending on the host, I am not a c4d person at all.

But technically, you can "mesh" an explosion with a volume_to_mesh construct.
The meshed Explosion files will work with the toon shader.

You can look into Houdini, or Bifrost if c4d does not have such a workflow ready.

Its not really Arnold issue, its more like a general tool/trick to do the conversion that is needed I think. ( then Arnold dev also dont need to do this render time by converting the vdb to mesh based on some switch some place )

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Just coming across this problem now and wondering if there's some way to trick this effect in compositing? Like render a volume aov and then composite that in After Effects?

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