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Odd mismatch with Arnold Sky from R23-R25

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Odd mismatch with Arnold Sky from R23-R25

I'm having some very strange issues with an Arnold Sky Object that cropped up when opening a scene built in R23 with C4DtoA in R25 with C4DtoA 4.0.2.


When I rendered the scene in R25 the lighting was completely different, and I found that was due to the HDR image I've mapped to the Arnold Sky apparently shifting 90° in R25. I don't know if this is an R25 or a C4DtoA thing.




In the original R23 scene I animate the Arnold Sky on the heading from 24° to 0° (this accompanied a camera move.)

When I open that up in R25 (with a C4DtoA update) the HDR is shifted 90°


What makes it extra weird is if I make a copy of the Arnold Sky in the R23 scene, delete the heading keyframes (so it's static at 24°), and open that scene in R25 that heading value has changed to 66°, creating the correct image position and lighting result. The Arnold Sky object that's animated from 24° to 0° along the heading continues to be incorrect by 90°


As I wrote on another post I was sort of forced to upgrade to C4DtoA 4.0.2 as I'm retiring the Mac Pro that was running my Arnold License Server, and the new generated license won't work with the older version of Arnold that had been working for me.


I've attached the R23 scene file.


Thank you.

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in reply to: shawn

Hey Shawn, actually the Sky rotation was wrong in older versions, rotated by 90 degrees. It was fixed in C4DtoA 3.3.0 and a logic was also added to preserve compatibility in old scenes, meaning automatically rotate the sky when an old scene is loaded. However this logic does not work if the rotation is keyframed.

If you want to preserve the old look, you have to update the keys manually.

// Peter Horvath
// C4DtoA developer
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in reply to: peter_horvath

Hi Peter:


Thanks for confirming it was a known issue that's been corrected.





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