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Are Multiple UV Sets Possible?

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Are Multiple UV Sets Possible?

I am texturing a netball (similar pattern to a volleyball). I am using a UV to place the normal map for the small dimples spread across the surface, but I need to use something like a front flat UV to place a pattern that goes across multiple patches that make up the ball.

I achieve this in C4D by using the normal map as a UV mapped texture, and the colour pattern as a separate Front Mapped texture. (This isn’t perfect as the paint doesn't curve into the creases - but - is closer to what I need that I can produce in C4DtoA.

Is it possible to have more than one UV set per Arnold texture? Is there a procedure/technique I am missing?


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The image shader has a UV set parameter on the UV Coordinates tab:

So you can define different UWV tag per texture. Note that the UVW tags must have different names. You can simply drag & drop the UVW tag to this field.

There is also a camera_projection shader which does frontal projection based on the assigned camera.

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Perfect, thank you.

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Ok, two steps forward, UV sets helped. The last stage is to get vertical stripes on the rear only of the ball. I have three UV sets based on polygon selections.

UVAll - all surfaces for the bump.

UVFront - front polys selected, front view projected.

UVRear - rear polys selected, rear view projected.

This ALMOST works, however the front red texture still bleeds to the back. If I put a vertical RGB ramp of Black and Yellow stripes on UVRear, it overlays the front red, with black not appearing, but showing through the red (almost like an alpha). Unsure if it’s the UV Wrap that needs adjusting?


Using a striped texture bleeds the colour over the front...


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You can control how the front and back textures are mixed with a ramp float shader, like this:


Or using Polygon Selection sets?

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Ah-ha, didn’t think Multiple Textures with Polygon Selection sets worked with C4DtoA. Sometimes the simplest answer... I’ll look into your rampfloat solution too. Many thanks!


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