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Moving Light Source with scripts

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Moving Light Source with scripts

What I am trying to do is get the light source we have in max to move behind a camera with scripting. In the past we have done this in mental ray by the following:

--move the light

campt = c.pos

campt.x = campt.x*10

campt.y = campt.y*7.5

ldist = sqrt((campt.y^2) + (campt.x^2))

elfact = (ldist/7500)*6

campt.z = ldist

$Daylight001.Controller.manual_position.position = campt

But I have not been successful with moving the light source in Arnold. The script stop at this spot and will not process anything else. We need the light to move so we can get the sun behind the camera and shadows going away from us.

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This is all happening in 3ds Max before rendering, right? So it's not about Arnold, it's about what you can do in 3ds Max before you click Render.

Arnold (MAXtoA) only reads the 3ds Max scene when you click render.

Or are you able to move the light, but then the render doesn't show it in the right place?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Yes, this is in max before rendering. We have a template set up that has multiple cameras where the Arnold light is set up behind them. We are trying to get Arnold light to follow behind a camera that used to set a manual view. If you need the whole script we can provide, or the script that was already provided to us that didn't work.

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