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Max Arnold active viewport glass physical material has bubbles?

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Max Arnold active viewport glass physical material has bubbles?

Set up Max 2020 active viewport to give me an image close to a final render. I hope that is clear. Basically I set it up so I can work on the model the way it would look rendered. High Quality so I can see all the lights, realistic shaders with maps, etc. Arnold is updated as I just did a clean install on a new drive.

Everything looks great, except for the glass shader. The look is actually pretty cool, but not what I need for this image. The shader looks like glass with tiny bubbles in it. I need clear glass. Funny thing is that it used to be clear, or at least almost clear, but then I must have changed one of a million parameters in Max, the renderer, or the material to get me the bubbles. I tried to back track, but couldn't find the offending setting. Anyone have any idea how I could clear up the glass?

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Could it be that you are using roughness?
That would blur the glass a bit, and if you don't use fine render details those incomplete roughness samples can come out as boubles.

Ideally, attach an image of your asset, or an image of a piece of glass in a different scene that does the same, and perhaps an image of the material settings.

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