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Denoiser / Depth artifacts on large scene scale

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Denoiser / Depth artifacts on large scene scale

I found something weird and thought I'd post it here. So if anybody else find has something similar he or she knows whats up.

I was doing some testing with the denoiser Noice and found some weird diagonal lines in the denoised result. After some looking around I found the depth pass, which is used by the denoiser, to be the culprit.

It turns out if you're working on a big scale (client file) the depth pass can have a weird result.
This gets used in the denoiser and results in a weird effect.


So the fix is simple. Scale the scene down and it's all fixed


depth pass graded to see the effect
Screenshot from 2022-10-31 15-03-19.png

noisy render

Screenshot from 2022-10-31 15-02-26.png

denoised render with the artifact

Screenshot from 2022-10-31 15-02-10.png

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