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UI Scaling (particularly inside viewport)

UI Scaling (particularly inside viewport)

Firstly, this suggestion is quite trivial in the grand scheme of things.


Though you can raise the scale globally across windows, doing so also increases mouse sensitivity. I wish there was a way to increase the scale of the software without needing to increase the OS display scaling. While it is true that you can adjust mouse DPI or sensitivity,  having to do this is still not ideal.


Previous versions of alias drew thicker lines, it made it much more legible. Probably the scaling option is somewhere but I haven't found it yet, please let me know if you know.


I think a simple and satisfying solution would be to include more options inside Draw Style window, or simply to increase the maximum size (for instance, some dropdowns only offer Double; including Quad should solve this). 



Lastly, I feel that the Color Editor window and Draw Style window have a lot of convergence, and could benefit from being merged into one, more comprehensive options window.



By the way Alias 2024 is incredible and the software seems to be going in a very promising, more open direction. I love that you can develop tools now and the move to .json format for configs is huge, love the new UI (aside from missing scaling option) and the offering of Alias Learning Edition to non-students/educators. Thank you Autodesk Alias team, looking forward to future updates.

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Scaling solved by newest update 2024.1

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