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Issues of Surface Fillet

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Issues of Surface Fillet



When I do surface fillet on the edges of the default cylinder in Alias, it is OK like the image 01, but when I do surface fillet on the model of my coffee cup, it turned to be like the image 02 and image 03, my source file of Alias is attached at the end, anyone has idea about this? The version that I use is Alais 2024, thanks




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Change the Flow Control from "Auto" and from "Edge align" to "Default".

I really hate the new "Auto" option because you're not able to understand what it will decide to do.


Hope this helps


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in reply to: raymondguo_cgi

I am able to reproduce the error.


Having said that there are certain general rules to be followed when creating shapes for manufacturing. As a general rule, any problem with fillets always points to the problems in the bases surfaces, irrespective of the software.


The default options for the revolve is just the starting point for the function. The rotational accuracy is the key. For an object with rotational symmetry, only a segment is needed depending on the design.. Say for wheels with 5 spokes, you need to model only a segment of the wheel of 72 deg.


For exact precision, you may need to use rational geometry option in the construction option.


Please find attached the pics showing the effect of various options in the revolve tool, on the rotational precision.

and the Alias wire file.. inside the zip file.


Hope it helps.

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in reply to: c3systems

Thanks for your patience, you totally figured it out.

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in reply to: c3systems

And another question about it is, what is the green arrow?



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😄it's a light source automatically created if you use "hardware shade" or some of the "Diagnostic shade tools". You can select it using PickObject and delete it, or you can turni it invisible from the Show menu flagging off the lights entry. 

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Thanks, I'm a newbie to Alias, so I always got issues like this, thanks for your patience

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