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Alias 2024.1 BUG Right Click Drop down menu from Pallate Behaviour

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Alias 2024.1 BUG Right Click Drop down menu from Pallate Behaviour



 I use the Palette as a secondary menu where it remains collapsed (I don't use Icons or custom palettes as I like to use everything).

 In 2023 the expected behaviour was that when you double double right clicked on a Tab the last tool used from that tab would be automatically selected and the menu would disappear.

 In 2024 the menu stays up/activated and then when you click on the viewport it 'blinks' - In my mind this is not really great behaviour. It should just get selected. When the tool is activated by double right clicking on the Tab it should just show the tool that was activated and disappear automatically.


 The previous behaviour (2023) allowed for much faster interaction with the software. This slows us down.


 Thank you,




PS - this is not a bug; I might be in the minority but I also preferred it when the Menus did not have Icons and acted as true menus - There are too many tools to remember each icon and what it does. The 'shortened' names are also very confusing for new users and dont mean much to them. A good example of SW that does this right (combines large icons and text in a palleted like view) is NX.

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I have entered a ticket regarding this.

Thank you for the feedback.


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