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Totally deleted files from ACC!

Totally deleted files from ACC!

i would appreciate the functionality of Delete in the project because it doesn't delete the file totally, but now it's my thoughts changed.


Once you upload Revit files to ACC, the platform automatically detecting the Revit version by this ways defintely the platform let you access the files from that Revit Version, so if some one by mistake upload upgraded version automatically the entire project will upgrade to the newest version, so your accessability to the files through Revit is disconnected, Even if you delete the file because it's still there in the Deleted folder, So i am Bringing this idea to let Autodesk Team to help if this happen because of human Error or Automation system to one of the Massive projects it cause big issue for us. Appreciating your understanding for this thought, in case you need more clarity please send me message or reply to my idea. thanks 


Best Regards,

Mohamed nassar

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This is crucial for some projects. Owners and/or governments demands everything regarding the project and or files permanently deleted after handover of the project. Due to lack of this possibility ACC can't be used for these type of projects. And due to GDPR you may break the law if you upload something with personal information, and no way to fix it. 

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