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Creating Grass and soil floor

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Creating Grass and soil floor

Hi everyone,


I'm a student and i have to create a scene, 

I decided to create a golem who protect a chest in a mount.

I need to use Zbrush, 3ds max and Substance painter.


I created Golem's head and hand, but then i have to modelise and texturing the floor and i realy don't know

what's the best for that. My computer is not really powerfull so i would like to create the most realistic floor with the less polygones et modifiers. I would like to do a mix of rock/soil/grass floor like in a moutain.

I add a screenshot so you can imagine the scene with me. ( i did'nt add textures yet on my scene but i already created golem's texture with substance painter )


I'll take every adviceq and technics you could teach me !

Thanks for reading me.


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