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Motion Design Tools for 3DsMax

Motion Design Tools for 3DsMax

Hi there, 


I would like to see Motion Design Tools similar to C4D MoGraph or at least an equivalent to Maya's MASH in 3DsMax.


The idea is to create a modernized, native end to end solution with nested tools and modifiers that are easily accessible to new users. Ideally that toolbar will have effectors that will let you modify animation keys of multiple objects simultaneously and apply delay, stepping, dynamics, gravity and other effects fast and easy. These could also interact with particle emitters and tyFlow or even Phoenix FD sims so that advanced users can create awesome visuals in 3Ds MAX.  


Hope others share my view, thanks 


I like this general idea. I'd love for Max to catch up in this area because I think that it's parametric nature with the Modifier stack already lends itself to this. Much more so than Maya which had to bolt on this whole MASH thing as a way to get some of that into it.  If Max goes in this direction, I would hope that it harnesses and integrates with the Stack rather than being a separate plugin-type environment.

Something that occurred to me after recently using C4D for some things is that it would be really helpful to be able to have a sort of Modifier explorer similar to the way that C4D displays things. If you could see a list of objects and, nested underneath, their modifiers, and then be able to add, clone and move things around in this view, it could replicate a lot of what C4D does with dynamics, cloners, etc. Basically opening up ways to manage multiple objects and their modifiers in a more global way. 

Whatever is done, though, make it build upon what is there.  This is a strength of Max and could stand to be made more flexible and intuitive than it already is.  


That would be so nice...

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