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UVW Unwrap Bug UI Issue

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UVW Unwrap Bug UI Issue

When using the option to zoom into the selected polygon in UVW Unwrap window. The drop down menu always drops down instead of needing to open upwards. I have to always minimize the window smaller to see what icon Im choosing. In the attached image, the icons are dropping down behind the taskbar instead of Max realizing that its fullscreen and should show the icons in an upward direction.


This seems to only happen on my other two monitors in a 3-screen setup. If using the Unwrap Window on the screen that Max is open, it works fine. I would have sent this to Bug Reports but now you have to give all of your information including your birth certificate.

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This is likey something that could be repaired and is something the development team might need to address. The only way to make them aware is to report it. The more reports, the more likely it gets on the list to look at. 


I know you are being sarcastic, but you don't have to give your birth certificate. You do have to give some info so they know who you are and can track the issue. I assure you, noting nefarious is done with your info. I've been giving them my info for 29 years and nothing bad has ever occurred. 🙂


I encourage you to report it: (it helps the whole community when you do so, and that's why we are all here)

Rob Holmes


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