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Opening a 2015 file

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Opening a 2015 file

I recently found an important Max file to make some renders. However, the file's from the 2015 or 2016 version of 3DS Max.
I don't have this version anymore and struggle to open it in 3DS Max 2022.
What can I do to open it and convert it to a modern 3DS File?

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3DS Max is supposed to be the best to open its own files but things change with every new version so it is never seamless and has the potentiol to make you forget about your old work. 


You will check  and determine any problematic objects and correct any correctable faults or build them from scratch. It is worth considering to open the file by its native version and export the entire scene or problematic objects to universal formats to have another chance to revive them.

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Thanks for your help! I found a archive of the 2015 sotware and I'll try to reopen those files !

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