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PDF Publishing

PDF Publishing



i think Autodesk should integrate automatic PDF-Publishing into Vault (2D-PDF) like the DWF-Publishing.


The DWF is more powerful and Autodesk want to spread it with force, but there are some reasons for the PDF format:


- PDF is an ISO-Standard, DWF not.

- You can open DWF only on Windows, there is no DesignReview form MAC or Linux.

- The DWF-Viewer works only on prozessores with SSE2, PDF-Viewer are running everywhere.

- Everybody has installed an PDF-Viewer, DesignReview normaly nobody without Autodesk Products.


Best regards





Sorry, the point with SSE2 is not right, this is the TrueView, not the DesignReview.


I agree - we need to be able to create PDFs, just like we can DWFs.


I agree.  This is a HUGE need in the industry, but since DWF and PDF are competing products, these kinds of requests seem to fall on deaf ears.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted
Hi Michael, Thanks for this idea. We will continue to monitor it for more community feedback.

Almost every of our customers want PDF.


They are not happy with DWF and Design Review. It's not convenient to share with people who don't have Design Review.


Design Review don't work well on old computer because it need too many ressource.


Hope thiswill be improve in the R2014...


We had a third party create the software just to be able to create PDFs through the job processor. It works but several factors prevent it from being stellar.

1. it's slow in our opinion. We are talking about 6-16 seconds per job (not drawing) in the job queue. An we normally push 150-200 drawings through at a time.

2. The code written to create the PDFs also includes code to create DWFs through the job processor. Vault already has the ability to create DWFs so why the duplication. This duplication led to the job processor producing errors (non-tip versions) then led to more serious errors. If third party software is needed, make sure that the code is written to handle exactly what is needed and configure Vault to do the rest.

3. Autodesk will not support the third party software, so then there are two different parties to deal with when errors occur. In some instances, the issues may cross over into the other's realm and it's difficult to get them both together to find a solution.


Let Autodesk implement Parker Hannifins "Vault Publisher".


Create acad dwg, pdf when a certain lifecycle state has been set. (At Parker when drawing state = REL) These new docs are attached to original inventor dwg. New releases will overwrite previous versions of attachments. Attachments can be collected and downloaded to disk. (so get all drawings as pdf in one folder for creating a manual) Attachments can be collected by selecting main assy, VP will collect all drawings and download them to disk.

Parker viewers are able to use dwf, acad dwg and pdf. All controlled by lifecycle in Vault.


We have the code, autodesk has updated it for Vault 2012. (So they know how it works) Autodesk can have it to implement it in Vault as standard tool. I offered it to Autodesk in the past but no reaction...


Very much need this.  We use PDFs exclusively.  We will manually create PDF's for all of our drawings, and this would save alot of time.  


Also disappointing how limited the plot functionality is when printing to a PDF print driver.  It prints every sheet as a seperate job, so on a 10 sheet drawing I'll end up with 10 pdf's.  Very very frustrating. 

Community Visitor

This is requested by almost every client during implementations. Clients almost always assume that this functionality exist in the' Out of the box Vault software'. It would be nice to have this feature included in the Vault software package


It's the top Vault Idea regarding Kudos.


Then, somebody from Autodesk can accept this request quickly?


Thanks from every Vault users.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

Most companies want a PDF (and/or usually a DWG) of an IDW after the drawing is released. This feature should be implemented like the secondary files feature in Producstream Professional (PSP) The jobserver should make these document and they are attached to the original document as read only. Under no circumstance should users be allowed to edit these documents.


It is save to say that DWF will not replace PDF. There is not even a 64-bit design review. So large models can not be opened in desiogn review.


We have govenrment clients that are not allowed to load additional software (like Autodesk design review) on their machines. There are a some private companies like this too. Since that is the case, they cant view our dwf files.  they can view PDF.


I've spent a lot of money getting PDF publishing working in our Vault.  But for 2D PDF creation, primarily AutoCAD, it isn't easy.  There are thousands of different ways that an AutoCAD drawing can be laid out, automating PDF creation to suit all drafting styles for all organisations in an 'out the box' solution is extremely difficult.  But not impossible.  This is something that is definately long overdue, ironically I'd be well annoyed if it came in any time soon after the investment I've made in getting it to work now!

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Review

Another benefit to publishing  to a PDF is that I can use a third party digital pen for my markups. Currently Adapx only works with PDFs.


Ideally I would want the PDf to function as an underlay in IV so I can execute my design changes (or have a simple/seemless conversion to DWF while retaining markups).


We just release PDF Publisher LT to Autodesk Exchange App Store. It's a simple tool let you create PDF for dwg files inside Vault Explorer. Not sure whether this meets your requirement. 


You can find it here:


No supplier or customer wants to install a custom software  just to view a drawing.  And let's be realistic, these companies would have to do this for every possible CAD platform their own customers and suppliers have since there are so many out there.


I'd like to see Autodesk step up here and do the thing that makes the most sense for it's customers, rather than try to spread it's viewer to a lot of 3rd party companies through who really don't care to be bother by yet another piece of software just so they can view a drawing.


Totally agree, should work out of the box!


I totally agree with all the users here.


What I like  if they can integrate on the viewer also, the option for open other

files  directly usin creo view express, sunch native files of Pro E or Creo.


creo viewer express allow you open more  type of files.

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